Lasers & Optical Fiber

Optical fibers are sensitive to pressure and abrasion, and they are easily cracked if not protected properly. While optical fibers generally require some flexibility to function, too much flexibility will cause the delicate fibers to break. To maintain this balance between protection and flexibility, Hagitec has designed several types of conduit for the particular needs of fiber-optic applications.

Hagitec doesn’t just supply protective conduits & tubes for optical fibers. We also manufacture complete fiber optic cable assemblies, many with connectors designed specifically for use with our conduits.

Whether it be it just the conduit, one of our PICO-brand fiber optic patch cords & cable assemblies (with fibers individually-protected inside tiny metal tubes), or a custom-designed optical fiber solution, Hagitec can supply the right products for your optical fiber project. Let us know your requirements today!


Typical Applications:

  • Medical/Dental Ablation Lasers
  • Optical Fiber Cable Harnesses
  • Fiber Scopes
  • Fiber Optic Patch-cords
  • Whips & Pigtails


Product Model Recommendations:















Resin Tubing

PICO F/O Assemblies



Lasers & Optical Fiber

Lasers & Optical Fiber

Lasers & Optical Fiber

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