Screw Tube

Screw Tube

Screw Tube

Also known as “Screw Tube (S)”


  • Excellent fluid rectification and heat exchange capabilities
  • Pliable tubing
  • Increased heat exchange by using ultra-conductive material
  • Manufactured to customer-specified lengths
  • Can be manufactured with silver-soldered metal fittings



  • Optical fiber protection requiring air-tightness
  • Cryogenic heat exchanger for artificial heart and lung devices
  • Heat exchanger in water-cooled computers
  • Delivery pipes for oil, steam, air, and other fluids in vacuum equipment




Stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other materials


Bore diameter 2mm ~ 20mm ID are available

Special treatments:

Teflon coating, chemical polishing and other services available


This product has the best heat exchange capabilities of all our flexible tubes.
Production will be scheduled after receipt of order.


OD ±0.2mm (inch)
OD ±0.2mm (inch)
Thickness (mm)
Minimum Bending Radius ±0.5 (mm)
Maximum work Pressure rated (Kg/cm²)
Burst pressure (Kg/cm²)
Maximum Length (mm)
S-2 2.0 (0.079) 3.1 (0.122) 0.12 9 10 550
S-7.5 4.5 (0.177) 7.5 (0.295) 0.25 25 8 20 2000 (screw/1800)
S-11 7.5 (0.295) 11.0 (0.433) 0.25 40 8 20 2000 (screw/1800)
S-15 9.0 (0.354) 15.0 (0.591) 0.25 7 18 2000 (screw/1800)
S-18 13.0 (0.512) 18.0 (0.709) 0.3 5 15 2000 (screw/1800)
※ Standard stock
○=HAGITEC standard stock item. Stock quantity will be 10 to 500m.
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